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  • Courtney Scully

10 Items Everyone Should Pack for Disney

Whether you are a snowbird looking to escape the cold in the winter or you love the sweltering heat of Florida in the summer...these are some great investments to make before your next Disney trip.

  1. A personalized fan (Rechargeable)-This was an absolute life savor for us. It is amazing what a small breeze can offer you when it is 100 degrees. Most can be recharged using a USB outlet and folds nicely to fit in any bag.

  2. Pennies and Quarters- If you are a Disney collector or would like a to invest in the cheapest Disney souvenir that your kids will love.. Pressed pennies! They cost $0.51 and can be found throughout Disney Parks and Resort properties. They even sell collectors books to store them in.

  3. Thick Socks and Gel Shoe Inserts- This was a game changer when it was suggested to me. The extra cushion makes the world of difference when you are walking 10+ miles a day.

  4. Portable Charger-This is super helpful, especially when there is so much to do and see! Not to mention there will be changes within the Disney Parks that involve more app usage which will drain batteries quicker. I didn't even mention the Disney Parks Play App!

  5. Gum/Mints-If gum is your thing make sure you stock up and bring it with you! Disney made sure you cannot find it anywhere on property or even at the airport! This is so they don't find it stuck to various things through out the parks (makes total sense!).

  6. Goggles/ Small Pool Toys- They sell these items in the gift shops but they definitely can cost you. Bring them from home to save $$$

  7. Thick Sharpe Markers- It is much easier for Characters to use the thick Sharpe Markers to sign autographs rather than pens!

  8. Reusable Straws- This is a big one for me. I am not a huge fan of the paper straws after they start to disintegrate. You can find metal and glass straws on Amazon for less that $5!

  9. Glow Sticks- Kids love them and they look awesome at night during the night time shows and parades. Not to mention so much cheaper than buying in the parks.

  10. Metal Water Bottle- I highly recommend this. It keeps your water extra cold all day. You can always get water for free at any quick service restaurant and then pour it into your water bottle throughout the day. It doesn't leak in your bag like the Disney mugs do.

These are just a few of my favorites that are not on a common packing list that everyone would typically have. There is much more where this came from! Make sure you are following Adventure Mode Travel on Facebook and IG for all of our travel updates and tips!


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